Mobimatic Builder Review

On November 9th you are going

to witness one of the biggest changes

in the mobile world in 2016.


Watch Me Build An App.

First we should discuss why you need an app for your business or products or anything you do online, lets look at some statistics:

3 billion people around the world use the internet and search, yes 3 billion with a “B”!!! That’s unreal right??

2.2 million apps are available to android devices and 2 million are available for Apple devices.
So why do you need an app for your business or item?

1) You are visible at all times to your customers.  You are in their device and a reminder because you are in their sights

2) You establish a direct marketing platform, establishing value to your customers in other words, you have a captive audience and can push promotions to those with your app

3) You increase brand recognition, who doesn’t want to be the next big name?? Even if you don’t want to be a huge name, don’t you want your customers coming back to you??

4) You improve customer engagement. In today’s world people are looking for a connection, you help that with an app for your product or business creating customer loyalty

5) You stand out from the competition. How many times have you used/purchased something because you have an app for that company?

So, now that you realize you need an app, where do you go? Well you can go to a developer and spend a fortune or you can look at this revolutionary new software that will change how mobile apps are created!

This is a review of mobimaticbuilder:

Cost – This is a great value!!  The features blow away the competition!  You have so much versatility with this product
And guess what??? You can create it yourself!!
Take a look at all the features:

“We know there are other options in the market, and we feel that as an informed customer, you should really weigh your options well… Here’s a comparison to Zapable  – perhaps our biggest competition!” – Developers of Mobimaticbuilder

So what if you don’t want to do this? You say Dave I don’t have time to do this, or I’m not creative enough for this?

Well we have a solution for that too! Purchase the product on Nov 9, then give me a call and we can discuss how to make this work for your product/company!!

As a business owner who has put together 1000’s of apps for my clients, I am switching them all over to this platform! This software is so easy to use and great for all my clients!

Join our early bird list today and qualify for these exclusive bonuses.  Valued at over $500.

Bonus #1 I will give you FREE access to my Viral Blog Machine – 5 over the shoulder videos that will show you how to build and monetize a blog.

Bonus #2 – One FREE News blog with premium theme. I have sold these for $500.  With the purchase of MobiMatic You will get this blog for free!! Check out this link to see what you get CLICK HERE

You supply the domain and hosting.  I will load WordPress, 1 premium theme, build you a news blog and add the following premium plugins.  THIS IS NOT SOME AUTO SITE THIS IS A REAL CUSTOM SITE

Email option to any auto responder
Social Marketing
Secret Viral Blogging Plugin
Defender to stop hackers in there tracks and a plugin to get your site running super fast.  

Bonus #3 – 1 Hour Strategy session with me (Dave) to help you scale your app business to an all time high.

I have sold thousands of sites, apps and marketing to businesses all around the world.  I can help you get started fast…

Turn this blog into an app and your already well ahead of the competition! 

Remember the official launch is on November 9th.